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Digital Connect offers long and short-term human resource support for digital marketing, technology development and maintenance services for our clients in Asia. Our rapid deployment models enable our clients to reduce cost by more than 30% and increase up to 50% of productivity.

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With project-based outsourcing, you delegate the completion of an entire scope to us. This typically involves having to first explain the full requirements of the project to our teams, such as project managers and business analysts, and they will then be responsible for seeing the project through to its completion.

Project-based outsourcing takes a large bulk of the work off your hands, we will be largely responsible for the development of the entire project/campaign from start to finish. We will form the development/execution team, carry out project management, and implement quality control across campaigns and development. Click for more..

Dedicated Team 

With the dedicated team model, you have dedicated resources that will report directly to you and work for you in our offices or on-site. They may form your entire campaign or development team, or they may collaborate with your in-house departments and staff. On top of providing suitable resources, we ensure they have the relevant knowledge and experience to deliver the ROI needed.

Take full control over your project. It also gives you more flexibility with your project costs, as you can easily add or remove resources as your requirements change. If you know what you need, this is the fastest and most cost-effective way to start. Click for more…

Project management services


Digital Connet delivers marketing optimization and multichannel interaction capabilities to engage the digital consumer. By appropriately leveraging digital marketing technologies—social media and mobile device apps along with the traditional marketing mix— brands can deliver customized and relevant experiences to consumers and increase conversion rates.

We maximize digital channels through e-commerce, social media, website optimization, e-mail marketing and digital content management. Our services: Campaign Management. Consumer Care Services. Consumer Journey Design.Digital Analytics. Digital Content Management. Digital Marketing.E-Commerce. Mobility. Social Media.Website Optimization.


Digital Connect has in-depth domain knowledge and unique capabilities that create business value for clients. We offer a broad range of services, including consulting, systems development and integration, business process outsourcing, infrastructure and web management and solutions, and technology solutions.

Digital connect is technology-agnostic and partners with best-of-breed technology companies as well as platform providers to ensure our customers have seamlessly integrated solutions to support their business needs.

Platforms : Web and Mobile

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation helps you to track and measure prospect interactions across all of your digital channels to enable your sales and marketing teams to convert more prospects into customers. Marketing automation allows brands to deliver timely relevant experiences that will improve customer connections and boost revenue. We have in-house expertise fully equipped and experienced in introducing or improving marketing automation for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Before recommending applications or systems, we listen to your business needs and goals and structure a comprehensive plan designed to reach your individual goals. We seek to minimize complexity while providing total marketing automation solutions. We complement our marketing automation with a range of services to ensure you get the best from your systems


Digital Connect provides flexible and tailored solutions that help you leverage your brand equity and product offering to fit the digital environment in China. An appropriate eCommerce strategy allows you to precisely understand your digital market, your competitors and the best practices for a successful business. Chinese eCommerce ecosystem requires a unique market entry strategy.

We offer an end-to-end Chinese eCommerce solution enabling brands and businesses to enter the Chinese online ecosystem. We not only take care of marketplace application, setup and development, but we also provide you with Chinese content management, customer services solutions, outbound and return logistics strategies. We will provide you with specific advice on the marketplace, pricing strategy insights and payment solutions within China.

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